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Estuary Producers Network

The Estuary Producers Network (EPN) connects creative producers from all walks of life working across the creative industries in Essex and Kent. EPN offers an inclusive platform for producers to share practice and skills, opportunities and challenges, and develop links with potential collaborators and new partners. It offers a space for dialogue and exchange, celebrates practice by regional artists for regional communities, and champions an ethos of collegiality and co-operation. Estuary producers are innovators and instigators, and a key aim of the network is to increase visibility for producers and producing activities within the region.

As well as professional development opportunities and mentoring, EPN initiatives include ‘Estuary Emerging Producer Placements‘, a scheme providing transformational opportunities for new and emerging producers in fields such as theatre, live performance, film, and digital media. Working with local arts and cultural organisations, the scheme facilitates paid placements and commissioning opportunities designed to benefit both producers and host organisations alike.

The Estuary Emerging Producer Placements explore employment models for producers in the region, examine current best practice, and investigate possible future models for how arts and cultural organisations as well as individual artists can adapt their practices and benefit from working with Estuary producers. For organisations and individuals who have not worked with producers before, the scheme provides an accessible means to introduce the role into a project and explore how working with a producer could support future practice.

The network aims to bring together and develop the incredible talent of creatives along the Estuary, growing opportunities for all involved. It advocates for producing activities across the region and will undertake scoping research about what producers and organisations want and need to support sustained productivity and future growth.

If you are a creative producer in Essex or Kent looking to share the benefits of clustering with like-minded practitioners, or if you are an arts organisation or artist interested in hosting a placement funded through the scheme, please get in touch:

Emma Dunstan: esduns@essex.ac.uk

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